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Programmable Thermostat

One of the biggest myths on the thermostat market right now is that it takes more energy to cool a home down to the desired temperature than it does to keep the home cool all the time. In fact the truth is that for every one degree your thermostat is set up or down for eight hours is one percent of your energy bill. So if you turn your thermostat from 70 when you are home to 75 while you are at work you are saving 5% off your bill!

Programmable thermostats are beneficial because they can save you money by keeping your home a consistent temperature instead of leaving the air conditioning to cycle on and off all day. With a programmable thermostat you can set the air conditioning to turn on 30 minutes before you get home so you walk into a house that feels cool but hasn’t been wasting electricity while no one was home. The cost savings that could be achieved from following this simple step will more than pay for the cost of upgrading your thermostat.

Some very cool settings you can choose are:

  • Make your daily plan different for your work week and your weekend.
  • Store up to ten different custom programs
  • Allow your thermostat to adjust your program accordingly when the outside temperatures change

Prices for programmable thermostats range from $50- $350 depending on the complexity of the system you desire. For example digital thermostats come equipped with many different functions that can satisfy users who prefer simple functionality to those that prefer advanced or more technical interfaces. There are other types of thermostats like hybrid, light sensing, and occupancy so you will want to do your research and choose the right thermostat for your house. Some of the newest thermostats are Wi-Fi capable and can be controlled from any mobile device.

As you can see the programmable thermostats are very versatile and beneficial for any household. Gilmore Heating Air and Solar can answer any questions you may have about the thermostats and we do professional installation. Give us a call today and prepare for summer before the heat wave hits!

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